PMCI's Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) Program

Do you meet all your monthly leak detection requirements?

PMCI’s SIR Program is a cost effective leak detection service for your UST system.

Leak detection standards were implemented on December 22, 1988. Leak detection is required for all UST installations.

Leak detection must be performed in a manner that would alert the operator to a suspected release from any part of the tank system (tanks and lines), allowing a timely response to stop the release.

Leak detection options include Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG), Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR), Interstitial Monitoring (IM), Groundwater Monitoring Wells (GW), Vapor Monitoring Wells (VP), Manual Tank Gauging (MTG), and Daily Inventory Control (DIC) in conjunction with Tank Tightness Testing (TTT).

If you chose Daily Inventory Control (DIC) in conjunction with Tank Tightness Testing (TTT) as your method of leak detection, please read on!

DIC is only a temporary method, and can only be used for 10 years from the time of tank upgrade or installation. In order to use this method, you were required to perform tank tightness tests when you entered the program, again at five years, and again at ten years in addition to your inventory control obligations. Once the ten years have expired, federal regulations require that you select another acceptable method of monthly leak detection.

Although you can chose from any of the acceptable methods of leak detection listed above, some options may not be feasible options for your tank system. If you need assistance deciding what leak detection method is best for your site, please contact your petroleum equipment contractor for assistance.

Even if you have an ATG, you may find that the manufacturer does not warranty leak test results if the tank is less than 50% full. With decreasing throughput at some tanks, this has become a significant problem for many. PMCI’s SIR program allows you to continue using your existing ATG for tanks that meet the 50% requirement while applying the SIR Leak Detection service to the tanks that do not.

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